• Event Branding

    Identity for Archival Panel's event "The Nuclear Deal: The Devil is in the Details"
  • Wild Pony Branding

    Branding for Wild Pony Editions, the University of Texas at Arlington based letterpress studio and visiting artist program.
  • Archival Dynamic Identity

    The company's logo associates the mystery of omitted information or information in abundance with the preservation, study, and procuring of that information. Archival will brand its platform, content, and establish visibility in its markets by utilizing the concept of dynamic identity. Dynamic identity means constant change, evolution, growth. In this way the logo and brand become a living organism, changing its look or characteristics based on its surroundings or context. The Archival mark is allowed to evolve in shape, size, color, texture, composition, and movement in order to take on the specific identities and/or contexts used in Archival's editorial projects. Do not duplicate. © Archival ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  • Iran Collage

    Work for Archival. These editorial illustrations are on the website for the in progress documentary series on the history of Iran. The collages feature historical imagery near prominent scholars featured in the documentary.
  • Osage Nation DVD

    As a part of a collaboration between University of Texas at Arlington Art + Art History Department, Social Services Department, and the Osage Nation, I worked as designer, cinematographer, and editor for this documentary. Included are designs from the DVD packaging and DVD menu. Due to the sensitive nature of foster care and social services, the entire film cannot be posted online, but posted here is the promotional trailer. More information about Osage Nation Social Services can be found here.
  • MFA Thesis Book

    My MFA research dealt with an individual’s journey seeking success as both an artist and a designer. Every creative person has a different idea of what success is, but in the United States it often means fame, notoriety, appeal, or recognition. In my writing and visual work, I explored my personal journey as a creative person as well what defines success. This book is available for view and purchase at blurb.com.
  • Icons & Idiots

    From a personal art series of collages called Icons & Idiots.
  • Installation Website

    This website was made to showcase a series of artists who would be transforming a small mezzanine into multiple sculpture installations over the course of several weeks. I designed, coded, and shot all photography for the site. The site was meant to be simple, black and white, with only a few pages. Then as different artists created their installations, the pages would transform to reflect that artist's style.